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Our systems can be customized for the individual needs of your home. Customers that invest in solar not only save money on their power bill, but they can also make money in some situations.




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From the highest quality and longest lasting solar panels with backup power to the most reliable generators...we got you covered!

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With today's advancements in technology energy independence is no longer an expensive unachievable concept. Start building and saving today!


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Solar can save on your utility costs. You can secure low energy rates through a solar purchase or lock-in low electricity rates.

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Electricity needs are constantly increasing. We can design a solution to include energy production, so you never stop.


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A study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that solar panels may increase the value of your home.


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By encouraging energy efficient buildings we can promote healthier, more productive places that reduce stress on the environment.

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Maximize your home’s equity and increase the resale value of your home with Tiger Stripe Solar. We make going solar simple and affordable.

Don't forget a solar panel system can reduce your electricity costs, while providing protection from blackouts and power shortages.

Not only can adding solar panels to your home save you money it can create energy credits you can use towards future bills or even provide you a small source of additional income if your system produces more power than you use.

Southern California is considered to be one of the best regions in California to install solar panels in terms of efficiency and ROI. It is home to one of the largest solar energy movements in teh United Sates. Having an average number of 280 sunny days per year, going solar in Southern California is an incredible investment for you and your home. If you live in Southern California, now is the most competitive time to seriously start considering a new solar energy system for your home.

We all feel a need to decrease the carbon footprint that we produce. Having a solar energy system is an excellent way to help accomplish this! Solar power has proven to help eliminate the use of carbon fuels. When you install a new solar energy system on your home's rooftop, you are taking a huge step to reduce your carbon footprint. That means you are putting less carbon in the air and allowing the Earth to clean itself through its natural processes. Most of the electricity generated in Southern California comes from fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. Using fossil fuels is costly and dangerous to the environment. By investing in a Tiger Stripe Solar energy system, you can help to decrease your dependence on fossil fuels.

For most homeowners a very important factor when considering solar is the financial impact it will have on their home. Customers seeking to add a solar system have valid concerns ranging from the initial investment cost, maintenance cost, and the effect on their home's resale value. Research has shown that by going solar the value of your home increases along with demand which means it will sell faster as well. Homes with a state-of-the-art solar system typically see an increase of nearly 4% above the average sell price. For homes in Southern California that increase could mean a substantial increase in equity within a very competitive market.

Even though you have a solar energy system, your power could also be interrupted for the safety of the repair crews who may be working on the power outage. Homeowners, looking to protect themselves against outages and blackouts should consider a generator or battery backup system combined with solar power to gain total independence from the grid. With the recent power outages from PG&E and Southern California Edison, homeowners in Southern California should work with a trusted, local solar company like Tiger Stripe Solar.

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Solar panels with a power backup system  are a big investment, but they provide several benefits to any homeowner who uses them. They can provide huge savings on electricity bills, improve the value of a home, and are great for the environment with energy stored in case of an earthquake. At Tiger Stripe Solar, we have experts in solar and electrical systems who will provide expert solar panel installation that is guaranteed to last for years.

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